Addiction Rehabilitation for Young Adult Men

Addiction rehabilitation for young adult men with substance use disorders, and intensive family programming in the sun and saltwater of Hobe Sound, FL. Recovery is hard work and we’re with you every step of the way

​Young people get better and stay better when they have the support of their family, but families have their own journey of recovery. The program at Voyage cares for the whole family. We give each of you a safe place to explore the effects this baffling illness has had on you, and help you find healthy ways of coping in the months and years ahead…

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Experiential Programming

Addiction alters the brain. It hijacks the reward pathways that teach us what success is. Our central nervous systems log events that stimulate those pathways and in a very real sense addiction places faulty entries into that logbook. The brain, over time, believes that intoxication is superior to real success, as it understands being high as success. Because being under the influence registers as the ultimate triumph in the substance use disorder patient’s mind, they are unable to see consequences clearly until they see the faulty logic…

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Addiction rehabilitation for young adult men with substance use disorders, and intensive family programming in the sun and saltwater of Hobe Sound, FL.


Nature Rehabilitation: How Nature Helps Drug Addiction

If you’ve ever taken a walk or gone for a hike in nature, then you know about its healing effects first hand. The fresh air, natural light and sounds work in harmony to bring many people a sense of peace. Reconnecting with nature can also have a powerful and positive effect on symptoms of depression, tension and low self-esteem…



Natural recoverers kick addiction without help

A few years ago, a friend of mine decided to quit smoking. She didn’t follow any pre-set plan, like Nicotine Anonymous, or do any research. Instead, she just quit. She also took up running, and around the same time started dating someone new—someone who didn’t smoke. She’s been cigarette-free ever since.

We tend to think that stopping an addictive behavior means joining a group, seeing a therapist, going to a treatment center, or taking a medication that helps with cravings. It may come as a surprise to you—it certainly surprised me—that some people break addictions without any help.



Addiction and Recovery: A How to Guide |

Shawn, a promising athlete, took a turn towards alcohol and drugs. After 18 years of addiction, jail, detox, and treatment facilities, he found sobriety. Shawn began rebuilding his life. In an effort to bring help to others who were struggling, he founded a Pura Vida Recovery (PVR), an active sober community. In two short years, PVR has changed the landscape of recovery in Spokane, welcoming over 400 addicts walk through the front doors that display the organization’s motto, “Fit for change, Fit for life.”


A Personal Story of Addiction

My drug use did not begin until medical school. I was never a drinker in high school or even in college, nor did I use drugs socially. Then, one evening when I was finding it hard to stay awake to study for an organic chemistry exam, a friend directed me to some stimulants that were available in sample form. The result was perfect. I began using the pills, rather innocently, whenever I needed a boost. To me, it was like a cup of coffee, only better. I soon learned that I could order the pills on the Internet and have a supply whenever it was needed…



Rising to the challenge of recovery

How we respond to both pleasure and pain is ruled by the limbic system, the part of the brain involved in motivation, emotion, learning and memory, and that’s ultimately responsible for our self-preservation. It is what helps us develop coping mechanisms, which are a means of defeating or evading physical, mental or emotional discomfort using memories of what has worked in the past.

Addiction exploits the limbic system, training the brains of young men to cope with fear, anger, or loneliness through drugs and alcohol…



Holistic alcohol and drug rehab helps patients achieve addiction recovery, It improves their overall well-being through enhancing the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

The word ‘holistic’ is a buzzword in the addiction treatment industry. In theory, the holistic approach to substance abuse treatment is intended to help addicts to recover using a combination of holistic and traditional treatment methodologies in rehab. The idea is that holistic addiction treatment treats the mind, body, and soul…



Voyage Recovery Center – Addiction Rehabilitation for Young Men

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