Natural Living – Taking The First Step

When I think of natural living, I think of a simple lifestyle with fewer chemicals, surrounded with natural alternatives and environmental-friendly products. We all have our own perceptions of natural living and our very own reasons to pursue this lifestyle. It could be for better health, less stress or financial savings. But in general, natural living is a lifestyle which is kept simple, functional, mindful and filled with safe, less toxic ingredients and products. A natural lifestyle could bring you different benefits and values to yourself. And it can be the best thing you can do for your family…



How to Live an Organic Lifestyle

When most people think of living organic, they think of food. This means that you buy foods that are free from fertilizers and pesticides. However, you can live a more organic lifestyle in other ways too. You can use cleaning supplies that are made up of organic products, you can reduce the amount of waste you produce, and by finding ways to travel around without leaving a huge carbon footprint. Put simply, living an organic lifestyle means doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle while also doing your part to take care of the environment…



Olive Leaf Supplement Drink OLIFE naturally contains over 200 milligrams of Hydroxytyrosol which may increase physical efficiency and improve attention. OLIFE 1000 ml contains 93% of (OLIVUM®), our exclusive olive tree leaves’ water infusion rich in Oleuropein, Elenolic Acid, Rutin, Tyrosol and the efficient antioxidant Hydroxytirosol.

It has been scientifically recognized that these molecules have the following effects: antioxidant, antiradical, regulate arterial pressure, improve blood circulation, energizing, hypoglycaemic, lower cholesterol, metabolize lipids and carbohydrates.



Heal Your Body, Reduce Pain and Inflammation With Massage, Yoga, Acupuncture and Meditation

Similar to acupuncture in some ways, the practice of dry needling involves the insertion of thin needles into your body’s trigger points, or hyper-irritated muscle tissue. This unique procedure specifically targets and restores muscle function, with an emphasis on the reduction of painful inflammation and improved circulation. This is important, as continued activity with poor muscle function may lead to further tissue damage and increased pain…


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