What is Natural Living?

Natural living can be defined as a set of lifestyle choices one can make to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. It’s about being mindful of where your products come from, how they are made and what they leave behind, in terms of waste.

For example, if you are shopping for a few groceries, think about what you’re putting in your cart. Are those fruit in season? Were they shipped in from far away? Is this fish sustainably caught? This is your first step: asking the right questions. And on that note, we’re going to introduce you to all the other facets of natural living.

At a glance: what is covered in this guide?

Food: a few ways to make natural living choices when it comes to food, not only for you, but for the environment.
Home and Furniture: how to introduce natural cleaning products, furniture and other household items into your life.
Going Zero Waste: one of the most important parts of natural living is reducing one’s waste. We’ll uncover a few quick ways to start reducing your waste, from Day 1.
Health and Fitness: from your exercise regimen to your mental well being, we’ll explore a few natural ways to keep you fit and healthy.
Natural living and the environment: how to be mindful of how your consumption affects the environment around you.
Books: a list of our favourite Natural Living books from respected authors.



Natural Healthy Living – Revolutionary Documentary About the Unknown Facts About Health


10 Easy Steps to Begin Your Natural, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Natural, non-toxic living! Sounds great right? Well, it is. It is one of the best changes you can make for your family. However, it can be overwhelming at first. How do you even begin toxin-free living? Where do you start? Do you need to throw away everything in your house and start over? In a perfect world, maybe. But, we have to factor in time, money, and the fact that most of us do live with other human beings. Because of this, I’ve created ten easy steps on how to begin natural living!

  • Clean up your cosmetics. This was my first move toward natural living.
  • Choose clean produce and meat.
  • Rid your home of artificial fragrance.
  • Avoid processed vegetable oils.
  • Switch out your cleaning products.
  • Embrace a natural laundry routine.
  • Ditch the refined sugar and flour.
  • Reduce garbage…




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29 Tips for Creating a Natural Lifestyle

Natural living is all natural lifestyle that focuses on reducing the chemicals in your home and food. Eco-living also means that we becoming a better steward for our planet, and focusing less on consumerism, when possible. Natural living is about seeking organic, not conventional or commercial, solutions to your everyday needs. The primary concept is reducing our impact on the Earth and living a healthier life.

It can be easy to over-complicate a natural lifestyle, so remembering to keep things simple is a good rule of thumb when taking steps toward a more natural way of living.

This guide shares with you some helpful tips on leading a more natural life. You can find our very best natural living solutions that you can start using today…


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